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Meat Togo customers  ,we only do pre-order due to coronavirus. Please pre-order by call or text 1818-722-3888. Our WeChat order will be coming soon. Thank you !



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Meat Togo

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The concept of shabu-shabu originated from the northeast of China, and in the 20th century the Japanese developed a local way of making it, which was then brought back to Japan and improved. The meat used in shabu-shabu is very dainty, like a thin sheet of paper. It melts in your mouth and it is a popular food. We use fresh high quality meat products, professional cutting, make each slice extremely thin, cook it all in one rinse, make it melt in your mouth and make it suitable for all ages. It's not just shabu-shabu's ingredients that are important, you can also use it to cook noodles, udon noodles, fried vegetables, etc. You will never have to spend so much of time in the kitchen, and instead you will be able to cook five star cuisine.  

​SHABU SHABU 源於中國的東北,20世紀出日本人把當地的涮火鍋的烹飪方式帶回了日本並加之改進。SHABUSHABU 的肉片十分講究,片片薄如紙片,有入口即化的感覺,是深受全民喜歡的美食。我們采用新鮮的高品質肉品,專業切割,使每壹片肉片片絲薄,壹涮即熟,入口即化,老少皆宜,不單單可以作為SHABUSHABU的食材,還可以煮面條烏冬面炒菜等,做出更多美味佳肴,您再也不用在廚房裏花那多的時間,也可以煮好5星級的佳肴




BBQ is the first choice for outdoor dining. Grilled meat is an indispensable part of barbecue. We specially select high-quality meat products and marinated them into a series of kebabs and steaks. There are lamb skewers, beef kebabs, fresh lamb chops and everything is pre-prepared. Friends and family can barbecue and chat at the same time, all this while still making delicious barbecue.  For the best barbecue choice for your friends and family, choose “Meat Togo."


BBQ 是大家首選的戶外聚餐方式。烤肉更是燒烤中不可缺失的壹部分。我們為大家精挑細選高品質的肉品加工醃製成串燒和排式的,有羊肉串,牛肉串,新鮮的羊排牛排壹切都是準備好的半成品,家人和朋友壹起邊烤邊聊,輕松做出美味的烤肉,為您和您的朋友家人準備最好的燒烤聚會就壹定要選“小鮮肉’


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 meattogo888@gmail.com |  Tel:818-722-3888

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Business Hours:11am-6pm

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