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​Sushi PartyTray 

​Fresh Made Sushi Party Tray

These to-go party trays are freshly prepared for your party.

Please call us , specifying the date and time you are

going to pick up your order, as well as a phone number to contact

you and confirm your order. For a better view of the Party Trays,

 check the menu below .

Please order 2 days advance .

All trays are Chef's choice all fresh made!


Some items in the party tray may vary depending on availability

Maki 手卷 Sushi壽司 Sashimi 刺身

Maki (Roll)


Tray 1 (Maki 12pcs+Sushi 12pcs+Sashimi 16pcs)


Tray 2 (Sushi 18pcs+Sashimi 24pcs)


Tray 3 (Sushi 32pcs+Sashimi 22pcs)


Tray 4 (Maki 24pcs+Sushi 24pcs+Sashimi 26pcs)


Tray 5 (Maki16+Sushi 32pcs+Sashimi 36pcs)


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​Sushi Party Tray 壽司綜合拼盤

​Our Sushi Party Tray all fresh made Please pay full amount in advance at least one day (holiday two days ) ,call us when you want to order .

​*The deposit we're not refund after  you paid .

​ chase quickpay:  meattogo888@gmail.com

​Fresh Sashimi


 Sashimi Tray

​Sushi Tray

Sashimi Tray 刺身拼盘

1 SMALL TRAY  小拼盘 $39 (22-25PCS)

2 MIDUM TRAY 中号拼盘 $79(50-55PCS)

3LARGE TRAY 大号拼盘 $129(75-80PCS)

Contact Me

415 W  Las Tunas Dr , San Gabriel , CA 91776

 meattogo888@gmail.com |  Tel:818-722-3888

Wechat :1818-722-3888

Business Hours:11am-6pm

Monday Closed

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