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Delivery Service
​          外送服务



       **************There is no delivery fee subsidy for orders placed directly**************

                               from the Fantuan website,  so check the shipping cost only


        查询送货费,请点击                                                                                                                               To check the delivery fee, please click                                                                                                                                                          Meat Togo (San Gabriel) Delivery & Takeout | Menu & Review | Arcadia CA | Fantuan   Delivery (


        在我们​公司(Meat Togo)的网站上,通过电话或微信购买的产品,我们提供总购物额         的10%做为外送服务费用的返款(3 天内退还)。

     We offer 10% of the total purchase amount as a rebate (refundable within 3 days) for            outbound delivery service for products purchased on our website.





FedEx Express( holiday No Express Shipping Service)

We do 1-2 days FedEx Express Mail $35 up.

Order placed after 11 AM PDT will ship the next eligible business day . We do not ship on Monday , Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and orders can not be delivered on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

***********BBQ Grill Oven equipment should ship separately.**************

FedEx has informed us that they have suspended their Service Guarantee “for all shipments to any destination at all service levels” for an unspecified period. They are experiencing delays in deliveries and can’t guarantee that they will arrive when promised. All shipping companies are having the same problems due to the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Because FedEx cannot guarantee timely deliveries, Meat Togo cannot guarantee your meats will arrive on the promised date per our regular shipping policy. But we are taking all necessary steps to make sure your orders arrive safely and unthawed. This includes adding dry ice to all shipments to keep them frozen, even if there is a problem.

Thank you for your understanding. We will keep you informed of any changes as circumstances permit.

To what areas do you ship?

We ship everywhere in the U.S. except for Alaska, Hawaii, and any off-shore United States territories or possessions.

How will my order be shipped?

After being flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed, your order is placed with care into an insulated, recyclable cooler. It’s then packed with dry ice to keep it frozen during shipping and delivery. By freezing and vacuum sealing, you’re ensured that the meats you receive will retain their freshness and flavor for up to a full year. We ship via FEDEX for reliability. When your order arrives, your food should still be cool with little (or no) dry ice left.

How much will shipping cost me?

Our standard shipping rate is applied according to your shipping zone. 1-2 days Express shipping is $35 up.

Our Return Policy

If there is a problem with your order, please contact customer support and we'll work with you to make it right. *

*There may be times we need to limit our refund policy.

聯邦快遞 我們做 1-2 天 FedEx Express Mail 35 美元起。

太平洋夏令時間上午 11 點之後下的訂單將在下一個符合條件的工作日發貨。



聯邦快遞已通知我們,他們已暫停“針對所有服務水平的所有目的地的所有貨件”的服務保證,期限未指定。他們正在經歷交貨延遲,無法保證他們會按承諾到達。由於 COVID-19 爆發的嚴重性,所有航運公司都面臨著同樣的問題。 由於 FedEx 無法保證及時交付,因此 Meat Togo 無法保證您的肉類會按照我們的常規運輸政策在承諾的日期到達。但我們正在採取一切必要措施,以確保您的訂單安全送達且未解凍。這包括在所有貨物中添加干冰以保持冷凍,即使出現問題也是如此。 感謝您的理解。如果情況允許,我們將隨時通知您任何變化。 你們運送到哪些地區? 我們在美國的任何地方發貨,除了阿拉斯加、夏威夷和任何美國近海領土或屬地。 我的訂單將如何發貨? 在快速冷凍和真空密封後,您的訂單會被小心地放入絕緣、可回收的冷卻器中。然後用乾冰包裝,以在運輸和交付過程中保持冷凍。通過冷凍和真空密封,您可以確保您收到的肉類在長達一整年的時間內保持其新鮮度和風味。我們通過 FEDEX 運送以確保可靠性。當您的訂單到達時,您的食物應該仍然很涼爽,幾乎沒有(或沒有)乾冰。 我的運費是多少? 我們的標準運費是根據您的送貨區域應用的。 1-2 天快遞運費為 35 美元起。 我們的退貨政策 如果您的訂單有問題,請聯繫客戶支持,我們將與您合作解決問題。



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